Interviews with KTSF Channel 26

I was interviewed by Channel 26 KTSF five years ago, when U.C. Berkeley students protested about the 32% tuition hike. As UCB staff I had the furlough along with the rest of the campus community. Every day I marveled at the peaceful yet passionate demonstrations. Some students were arrested and accused of "stealing chairs." Staff took turns to demonstrate, so that most of the campus functions were normal during the final exam weeks.

Here is my TV interview.

On Oct. 24 I will be on the "Talk Tonight" show with Jiayu Jeng to discuss my debut novel Living Treasures and my experience as a writer. 今夜有话要说 is a great program. Many people who speak Chinese are fans of Jiayu and her program. I am so glad that my mother will hear me talk about Living Treasures in Mandarin.

Please tune in and wish me luck.