My Story Hour

I was star struck by many authors who have spoken during The Story Hour over the years: Maxine Hong Kingston, Joyce Carol Oates, Michael Chabon, ZZ Packer, just to name a few. When it was my turn, I was excited and apprehensive. Little did I know I would wind up on the cover of The Story Hour. Thank you, Vikram, Melanie, and readers, for supporting a debut author. 

Here I was a bit starry-eyed in this sacred room.

Here I was a bit starry-eyed in this sacred room.

Vikram Chandra, one of my favorite authors and brilliant mentors, inspired me with his exhortations:

Gu Bao must make irrevocable choices about motherhood, negotiate the treacherous waters of politics, and struggle against the official corruption and brutality. The novel is emotionally vivid and intensely personal, and yet it involves us in an epic moment of cultural and political change . . . It signals the beginning of an exciting career. I look forward to reading Yang’s next book and the book after that, which I hope she started working on. 

Thank you, Vikram! I’m working hard on my new novels.

I am sad to learn this year marks the last season of The Story Hour. For a decade it has brought us inspiration and touched us with the magic of storytelling. Huddling around an author in front of the fireplace assures us time and again that we are in good company. There is a vibrant community not only for writers but also for all story lovers. 

So profoundly grateful to Vikram Chandra and Melanie Abrams for the generous gift of The Story Hour. We look forward to their new books and reading series from UC Berkeley.