New Year's Resolution and Review for Xiaolu Guo’s I AM CHINA

I was thrilled and deeply grateful to read Celeste Ng's milestone article:  “There aren’t a lot of you out there”: What? Let’s fix our female Asian-American writer blind spot now on Salon. The "minority" status of female Asian-American authors is changing thanks to numerous wonderful writers, although the general awareness takes a little longer to catch on with the reality. We are here, and our books demand to be read.

I reviewed Xiaolu Guo's I AM CHINA on a fine blog Read Her Like an Open Book by Bill Wolfe. Guo is a writer/filmmaker I admire. Please share it on Twitter, and you can win a signed copy of my novel Living Treasures. Good luck!

Guest author Yang Linda Huang on Xiaolu Guo’s I AM CHINA: A Portrait of the Artist as an Angry Youth

I am also excited to give a book talk later this month at the Festival of Women Authors in 2015 with three writers I admire: Katie Hafner, Yiyun Li, and Ann Parker.

Look forward to seeing you there!

New Year's Resolution: Write and share good diverse books.